Acoustic Adventures Passport  

The Acoustic Adventures Passport is our way of saving you the best seat at our season's shows.  You'll also save a couple of bucks.  Buy online here or call Trudy at 488-0556.

When you buy a passport, we'll mail you your tickets to each show so there's no waiting in lines or having to remember to call for concert tickets.  We'll replace your ticket if you lose it as well. The actual concert tickets are transferable so if you can't make a show, you can give away or sell the individual ticket for the show. You also have first dibs on any new shows we add.  (We'll email you before we release tickets for any additional shows outside the season concerts.) 

The 2011-12 Season!  All shows at Pioneer Park Theatre

8pm, Friday, Oct 21 Bill Staines and guests with MC Mike Flynn, host of “Folk Sampler”  (Shhh... don't tell Bill.  It's a surprise!)
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Bill coming to Alaska!

8pm, Friday, Oct 28 The Bee Eaters A young spirited group of dynamite instrumentalists

8pm, Saturday, January 21 Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen Hot Bluegrass from a band that is moving up fast

8pm, Saturday, March 10 Cheryl Wheeler An old favorite singer/songwriter, Cheryl returns to Alaska 

8pm, Thursday, May 3 The Fred Eaglesmith Traveling Road Show A true extravaganza.  Fred is bringing his band and touring Alaska!



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